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Climate Change Reports by Topic: Adaptation

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How can climate change and engineered water conveyance affect sediment dynamics in the San Francisco Bay-Delta system?
Description: "Suspended sediment concentration is an important estuarine health indicator. Estuarine ecosystems rely on the maintenance of habitat conditions, which are changing due to direct human impact and climate change. This study aims to evaluate the impact of c
Publication Date: Apr 24, 2017
Topics: Adaptation / California: Bay Area and Delta / Sea level rise / Water quality /

Comprehensive Response to Climate Change
Description: Resolution adopted by the State Water Board March 7, 2017. Outlines actions the Board will take in the areas of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water conservation and efficiency, recycled water, storm water, energy efficiency and renewable energy, impr
Source: California. State Water Resources Control Board
Publication Date: Mar 7, 2017
Topics: AB 32 / Adaptation / California: Statewide / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Energy management and conservation / Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, mitigation / Renewable energy / Water quality / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

Incorporating Climate Solutions into Day to Day Adaptation
Description: "Participants in this webinar learned how to approach development, financing and implementation of climate adaptation strategies across all municipal planning activities. This webinar covered: How to incorporate adaptation thinking into day-to-day municip
Source: Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience (Antioch Univ. New England)
Publication Date: Feb 9, 2017
Topics: Adaptation / Video Training /

California's Fourth Climate Change Assessment: Research and Tool Development
Description: Research for the forthcoming assessment. The non-energy research portfolio includes: 1. Climate Change, Habitat, and Wildfires: Impacts and Management Options 2. California's Working Lands: Carbon Sequestration for Adaptation and Mitigation 3. Sea Level
Source: California. Natural Resources Agency
Publication Date: Jan 24, 2017
Topics: Adaptation / California: Statewide / Drought / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction, mitigation / Sea level rise / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Wildfires /

Regional Collaboration for Resilience: How to build effective, sustainable cross-jurisdictional climate collaboratives
Description: "Participants in this webinar heard how communities can collaborate at the regional scale to successfully advance climate mitigation and adaptation strategies. Cross-jurisdictional collaboration among municipal, county, and regional administrators, emerge
Source: Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience (Antioch Univ. New England)
Publication Date: Jan 12, 2017
Topics: Adaptation / Video Training /

Gauging climate preparedness to inform adaptation needs: local level adaptation in drinking water quality in CA, USA
Description: "Understanding resource managersÂ’ perceptions of climate change, analytic capacity, and current adaptation activities can provide insight into what can help support adaptation processes at the local level. In California, where a major drought currently de
Publication Date: Dec 23, 2016
Topics: Adaptation / California: Statewide / California: Water/Flood Protection Districts / Drought / Water quality / Water utilities guidance /

Looking Forward: Priorities for Managing Freshwater Resources in a Changing Climate: National Action Plan Update
Description: Recommends federal actions to support water resilience in the areas of data and research, planning and decision support, and training and outreach. Includes an inventory of major hydro-dlimatic data collection systems in the United States.
Publication Date: Dec 5, 2016
Topics: Adaptation / Models and Tools /

Equitable Adaptation: Collaborating for Resilience
Description: "Climate change impacts disproportionately affect the low-income and communities of color, those with the least resources to prepare, sustain and recover from extreme events. How can municipal and county decision makers and civic leaders support social c
Source: Center for Climate Preparedness and Community Resilience (Antioch Univ. New England)
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2016
Topics: Adaptation / Video Training /

Climate Adaptation: The State of Practice in U.S. Communities
Description: "Communities in the U.S. are undertaking a rich array of climate adaptation actions that are making them more resilient to climate impacts. These actions provide models and lessons that can immediately help other communities better protect themselves from
Publication Date: Nov 30, 2016
Topics: Adaptation / Drought / Flooding / Land Use, environmental management systems, and regulation / Sea level rise / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy: 2016 Progress Report
Description: USBR has four goals: increase water management flexibility, enhance climate adaptation planning, improve infrastructure reliability, and expand information sharing.
Source: United States. Bureau of Reclamation
Publication Date: Nov 29, 2016
Topics: Adaptation / Dams and reservoirs / Drought / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Flooding / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /


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