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Climate Change Reports by Topic: Models and Tools

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Description: "Here you can find data related to climate change that can help inform and prepare America’s communities, businesses, and citizens. Initially, in this pilot phase, you can find data and resources related to coastal flooding, sea level rise, and their impa
Source: United States.
Publication Date: Mar 19, 2014
Topics: Agriculture / Energy management and conservation / Flooding / Global issues, human impacts / Models and Tools / Sea level rise /

NEX-DCP30 (downscaled climate projection data)
Description: "Worldwide climate modeling centers participating in the 5th Climate Model Assessment Program (CMIP5) are providing climate information for the ongoing Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The output from
Source: United States. Geological Survey
Publication Date: Dec 10, 2013
Topics: Models and Tools / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Temperature /

Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) publications
Description: Papers on using regional climate data to do water planning and modeling.
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2013
Topics: Models and Tools / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Water utilities guidance /

Downscaling: Diagnostic Uses and Predictive Pitfalls
Description: Article explaining when and how downscaling is useful in climate models. (Carpe Diem West Academy)
Publication Date: Oct 1, 2013
Topics: Models and Tools /

Colorado River Myths and Realities: The Coming Conflict
Description: Presentation by Bradley Udall, University of Colorado Law School. "Climate change is water change." Discussion of predicted shortfall of Colorado River water, recent floods, problems of modeling and prediction.
Publication Date: Sep 16, 2013
Topics: Drought / Flooding / Models and Tools / Streamflow / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

Downscaled CMIP3 and CMIP5 Climate and Hydrology Projections
Description: Projections of precipitation, minimum and maximum surface air temperature for 1950-2099 for the Western U.S.
Source: United States. Bureau of Reclamation
Publication Date: May 7, 2013
Topics: Models and Tools / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Temperature / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

Tools for Coastal Climate Adaptation Planning
Description: Report aims "to provide the information necessary for coastal natural resource managers and community planners to select appropriate tools for their projects." (NatureServe)
Publication Date: Mar 13, 2013
Topics: Adaptation / Land Use, environmental management systems, and regulation / Models and Tools / Sea level rise /

Downscaling Future Climate Projections to the Watershed Scale: a North San Francisco Bay Estuary Case Study
Description: "We modeled the hydrology of basins draining into the northern portion of the San Francisco Bay Estuary (North San Pablo Bay) using a regional water balance model (Basin Characterization Model; BCM) to estimate potential effects of climate change at the w
Publication Date: Dec 19, 2012
Topics: California: Bay Area and Delta / Models and Tools / Streamflow / Temperature / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

Future projections and uncertainty assessment of extreme rainfall intensity in the United States from an ensemble of climate models
Description: "Changes in climate are expected to lead to changes in the characteristics extreme rainfall frequency and intensity. In this study, we propose an integrated approach to explore potential changes in intensity-duration-frequency (IDF) relationships. The app
Publication Date: Nov 25, 2012
Topics: Models and Tools / Precipitation, Extreme Weather /

Communication of the role of natural variability in future North American climate
Description: "As climate models improve, decision-makers' expectations for accurate climate predictions are growing. Natural climate variability, however, poses inherent limits to climate predictability and the related goal of adaptation guidance in many places, as il
Publication Date: Nov 14, 2012
Topics: Adaptation / Models and Tools /


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