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Climate Change Reports by Topic: Drought

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Climate Change Adaptation Introductory Training for Local Officials
Description: Deals with effects of climate change (such as rising temperatures, changing precipitation, increased drought and wildfires, and sea level rise) and local communities' vulnerabilities (stormwater, wastewater, water supply, etc.). Takes about 30 minutes to
Source: United States. Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: May 6, 2015
Topics: Adaptation / Drought / Sea level rise / Water quality / Wildfires /

The influence of multiyear drought on the annual rainfall-runoff relationship: An Australian perspective
Description: "Most current long-term (decadal and longer) hydrological predictions implicitly assume that hydrological processes are stationary even under changing climate. However, in practice, we suspect that changing climatic conditions may affect runoff generation
Publication Date: Apr 17, 2015
Topics: Drought / Streamflow / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

America's water risk: Current demand and climate variability
Description: "A new indicator of drought-induced water stress is introduced and applied at the county level in the USA. Unlike most existing drought metrics, we directly consider current daily water demands and renewable daily water supply to estimate the potential st
Publication Date: Apr 9, 2015
Topics: Drought / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack /

2014 Highlights of Progress: Responses to Climate Change by the National Water Program
Description: EPA's work in water infrastructure, watersheds and wetlands, coastal waters, and water quality.
Source: United States. Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: Mar 25, 2015
Topics: Adaptation / Drought / Ecosystems, Habitat, Threatened Species / Water quality / Water utilities guidance /

Climate change and California drought in the 21st century
Description: "Recent analyses have thus established the 'fingerprint' of anthropogenic climate change in an increasingly diverse array of meteorological and hydrological phenomena around the world, from heat waves to coastal damages during extreme tides and storms, fl
Publication Date: Mar 23, 2015
Topics: California: Statewide / Drought /

Impacts of California's Ongoing Drought: Hydroelectricity Generation
Description: "Our analysis find[s] that during the three years ending in October 2014 (the end of the 2014 'water year'), the cost to California ratepayers of reduced hydroelectricity production and the use of additional natural gas was approximately $1.4 billion doll
Source: Pacific Institute
Publication Date: Mar 17, 2015
Topics: California: Statewide / Drought / Energy management and conservation / Greenhouse gas (GHG) increases /

Adaptation Strategies for Water Utilities
Description: Helps utilities prepare for challenges such as drought, water quality degradation, floods, ecosystem changes, and changes in service demand and use. (Part of EPA's Climate Ready Water Utilities program) Updated in 2015 to include updated climate models,
Source: United States. Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: Mar 4, 2015
Topics: Adaptation / Drought / Energy management and conservation / Flooding / Precipitation, Extreme Weather / Sea level rise / Water quality / Water supply, changes in supply, snowpack / Water utilities guidance /

Anthropogenic warming has increased drought risk in California
Description: "Our analyses show that California has historically been more likely to experience drought if precipitation deficits co-occur with warm conditions and that such confluences have increased in recent decades, leading to increases in the fraction of low-prec
Publication Date: Mar 2, 2015
Topics: California: Statewide / Drought /

Unprecedented 21st century drought risk in the American Southwest and Central Plains
Description: "In the Southwest and Central Plains of Western North America, climate change is expected to increase drought severity in the coming decades. These regions nevertheless experienced extended Medieval-era droughts that were more persistent than any historic
Publication Date: Feb 1, 2015
Topics: Drought /

Robust Hadley Circulation changes and increasing global dryness due to CO2 warming from CMIP5 model projections
Description: "In spite of increasing research efforts, global warming signals of the Hadley Circulation (HC) and its dynamical linkages to water cycle changes remain largely unknown. Here, from model projections, we find robust signals of both strengthening and weaken
Publication Date: Jan 22, 2015
Topics: Drought /


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